sample question papers

Subjects Programs Q. Papers
Advertising & Sales Promotion DMK View
Advanced Financial Management DFM View
Advanced Marketing Management DMMk(Marketing) View
Business Communication DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM, DFM View
Business Law DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM View
Consumer Buyer Behaviour DBM, DMMK View
Cost Accounting DIM, DFM View
Communication Skill DBM/DHRM/DFM/DMM(Mktg/Mat.) View
Effective Human Resource Training And Development Strategy DHRM View
Entrepreneurial Management DIM, DMMt View
Financial Accounting DBM, DHRM, DFM View
Financial Management DFM View
Financial Services DFM View
Financial & Cost Accounting DBM/DIM/DHRM/DFM/DMt) View
Financial Markets & Services DFM View
Financial Planning & Control DFM View
Factory Establishment & Laws DIM, DHRM View
Human Resource Management DBM, DIM, DMMT, DHRM View
Industrial Relations DHRM View
Industrial Relations & Labour Laws DIM, DHRM View
Information Technology for Management DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM, DFM View
International Marketing DMMK View
Inventory Management DMMT View
Management Accounting DFM View
Managerial Economics DFM View
Manpower Planning & Development DBM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM View
Marketing Management DBM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM View
Marketing Research DMMK View
Marketing Research & Advertising DBM, DMMk View
Materials Management DBM, DMMt View
Organizational Behaviour DBM, DHRM View
Office Management DBM/DHRM/DFM/DMM(Mktg/Mat.) View
Office Management & Communication Skills DBM/DHRM/DFM/DMM(Mktg/Mat.) View
Portfolio Risk Management DFM View
Personnel Management DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM, DFM View
Principles of Management DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM, DFM View
Principles & Practice of Management DBM, DIM, DMMK, DMMT, DHRM, DFM View
Production Process and Machine Tools DIM View
Productivity Techniques DMMT(Materials) View
Production Management DIM, DMMT View
Purchasing & Materials Management DBM, DMMT View
Quality Control & Metrology DIM View
Sales Management DMMk View
Sales Force Management DMMK View
Security Analysis DFM View
Service Marketing DMK View
Strategic Management DBM, DMMK View
Supply Chain Management DIM, DMMT View
Taxation DFM View
Wages & Salary Administration DHRM View
World Class Manufacturing DIM, DMMT View
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