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What are the eligibility criteria?

Graduation from a recognized Indian university OR an international university recognized by IGNOU/UGC/AIU or associations such as AMBA, AACSB, or EQUIS

Is there an entrance exam or GD?

No. You don’t need to undertake any entrance exam or GD to apply for a Hybrid PGDM at WeSchool. You only need to meet the graduation criteria.

When are admissions open?

Admissions are open for Two batches each year - January and July.

How can I apply for an admission?

You may choose to fast-track your career growth by seeking admission online or visiting the Mumbai campus after downloading the application form.

What are the documents required at the time of admission?

A copy of your degree certificate/provisional certificate duly attested by a Class 1/Gazette officer. This should be supported with two recent passport-sized colour photographs.

What happens if I decide to cancel my admission?

Should you decide to revisit your Hybrid PGDM and career advancement aspirations, we would respect your decision. Upon being granted admission, you would be eligible to request cancellation for up to 45 days from the date of registration. We will refund your program fees after levying cancellation charges.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

You may choose to pay a one-time program fee of Rs.1,01,000 at the time of enrollment or Rs.53,500 and Rs.52,500 respectively at the start of each year. Similarly, the Personal Contact Program (PCP) fees of Rs.3600 can be paid at the start of the program or at Rs.400 per subject at a later date

Are PCP fees optional?

Yes, PCP is an optional feature of the Hybrid PGDM.

Are there any other hidden fees apart from PGDM and PCP fees?

There are no hidden fees that you would be required to pay in order to complete your PGDM and PCP successfully. However, optional events such as weekend workshops may incur nominal fees of Rs.1500 or more per workshop.

What are the re-examination fees?

Re-examination fees stand at Rs.750 per subject.

Is there a late payment fee if I am late in paying Year 2 fees?

A late payment fee of Rs.1000 will be applicable.

What are the fees for additional certificate/marksheet copies?

These can be availed for Rs.1000 per document

When does the next batch start?

There will be two batches each year - January and July . However, to ensure that working professionals who joined late, also gets benefit of VCF lectures as well as sufficient time for exams preparation, they are placed in separate groups with special exam and lectures time-table. For exact dates, please log into chat or call us.

Can I choose my batch?

Yes. You can choose a batch that best matches your professional and personal convenience by selecting your preference in the application form.

What happens if I want a batch transfer?

You can apply for a batch transfer within 4 years from the date of your initial admission. Batch transfers are only available to students who have not taken any exams in the batch selected at the time of admission.

Are there any batch transfer fees?

Yes, Rs.750 per every batch you have missed.

When do I need to re-register for a batch?

If you are unable to complete the program within 4 years from the date of admission, you can seek a 1 year extension by opting for re-registration. This holds true even if you who have a single paper or project report pending after 4 years. Re-registration can be requested only twice. i.e. you have 2 more years after the initial 4 years to complete all pending papers and projects. Post that, you will have to enroll as a fresh student.

What are the re-registration fees?

Re-registration fees are Rs.8000 per year
Foreign/NRI students

What are the program fees for overseas students?

If you are an overseas students, you can pay a one-time program fee of USD 2000. This is inclusive of all exam and program material fees. If you choose to pay in Indian currency, we will able to courier the course material only to an Indian address.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

We do not have this option available at present for overseas students.

When can I expect all the program study material to reach me?

All the study material will be couriered to you semester-wise at the address shared during the time of admission.

What are the re-registration fees?

Re-registration fees of USD 250 per year must be paid if you fail to complete the program within 4 years from the date of admission.

Where can I take exams and submit assignments?

You will be able to take your exams and submit assignments online once you have received your student dashboard ID and PW.

What are the charges for obtaining transcripts and photo copies?

The transcript copy fees are USD 10 for the original, with each photocopy costing USD 5. Additional courier charges of USD 60 will apply.
Lateral Entrystudents

Who can qualify as lateral entry students?

Graduation from a recognized Indian university OR an international university recognized by IGNOU/UGC/AIU or associations such as AMBA, AACSB, or EQUIS and If you have successfully completed a 1 year diploma at WeSchool, you are eligible to apply for the Hybrid PGDM. You can directly join the 2nd semester of the PGDM.

What are the fees for seeking admission to Hybrid PGDM?

You will be required to pay a one-time fee of Rs.86,000 at the time of admission.

How much time will I be granted to earn my Hybrid PGDM?

As a lateral student, you will be required to complete the 2nd year of the Hybrid PGDM within 1.5 years from the date of admission to the PGDM.

When do I need to decide on my area of specialization?

You will have to select your preference at the time of admission into the Hybrid PGDM, which cannot be altered at a later stage.

Do I stand to qualify for any waivers in terms of the subjects/exams?

Depending on the specialization you choose, you will be given waivers in a combination of subjects; some from Year 1 and some from Year 2. This will help you fast-track the 1st year of the program within a single semester.
Study Materials & Tools

When will I receive all the study materials?

If you have taken an online admission, study materials will be sent within 7 days. In case of on-campus admission, you might be given study materials right away, subject to staff discretion

What all study materials can I expect at the time of admission?

A welcome kit and physical books for certain 1st year subjects will be provided at the time of admission. Simultaneously, your online dashboard access will be facilitated for complete access to Hybrid study materials such as e-learning tool kit and more.
Student Life

How exactly will each of the web-based learning tools help me in my program?

As a student, you will have access to several online learning tools, such as the eLearning tool kit, WeLectures, eBook, and WeTube. Each of these will help you in the following manner:
  • The eLearning toolkit contains the summary as well as skill builder modules for every chapter of each subject.
  • WeLectures are video lectures on various subjects from the syllabus. These are imparted by a team of mentors with vast industry and academic experience who have also designed the program curriculum
  • The eBooks contains exhaustive chapter-wise reading material in PDF format for some subjects.
  • WeTube are designed to help students gain better practical understanding of topics across different specialization areas.
  • Video Dictionary allows you to build concept clarity by showing video lectures from YouTube and other online sources related to your search.
  • Audio books are recorded lectures that can be downloaded and access anytime, anywhere.

How much time commitment does it take on an average on a daily basis to complete the program in 2 years?

On an average, if a student can devote close to 2 hours a day, they should be able to complete the program in 2 years. However, this can vary depending on various personal factors.

How can I find out the time table for various e-learning tools such as the Virtual Classroom Facility, Personal Contact Program and of course, exams?

You will be notified of the lecture and other events’ schedule via our robust communication system. Additionally, you can log into the Notices section and go through the mandatory Program Orientation Test to get all the information you need to stay up-to-date.

Will I be expected to take up any project work during the course of the program?

Yes, project work as an integral part of the Hybrid PGDM. You can look forward to project work in the second and fourth semesters. The first project is linked to 100 marks and will require you to refer to management concept videos to prepare your presentation. The second project is linked to 200 marks and will require you to pick from one of the 15-20 topics offered to you and related to your specialization. This will also require you to appear for viva.

How do you approach soft skills development?

As part of Hybrid learning approach, you will have access to a host of tools to enhance your soft-skills. This includes weekend workshops at the Mumbai campus, which are separately charged, as well as several other virtual interaction opportunities.
Program Duration

What is the program duration and do I get an extension?

The Hybrid PGDM is a 2 year program. The maximum duration is 4 years to allow you sufficient time to balance your professional and academic commitments. In case you are unable to complete the program (even a single pending project report will be considered as incompletion) in this time frame, you can re-register for the program by paying Rs.8000 for a year’s extension.

How do we know about exam dates?

Exams are scheduled four times a year. The exam timetable is given on our website http://www.welingkaronline.org under the section 'Notices” – PGDM –HB. You can view exam dates for all four semesters from date of joining the program.

How is the examination process?

For convenience of working professionals as well as to keep them in regular touch with studies, exams are conducted twice in every semester. Every subject portion is divided in two parts in approximately 40-60 ratio. Initial 40% portion is covered for Mid Term exam which is in the third month of each semester, whereas, balance portions covered in End Term Exam. Additionally, different projects / viva are also required to be cleared in various semesters.

How are the Mid-term exams conducted?

There are two exams to be given in every semester. Mid-Term & End-Semester exam. Both the exams are computer based, multiple choice exams. Mid-Term exam can be given from anywhere & carries a weightage of 20%.
Please refer to the “Guidelines for giving online Mid Term” exams. Detailed guidelines are also available in 'Notices' section.

How are the End-Term exams conducted?

End -Term exam is also computer based, multiple choice exams . It carries a weightage of 80%. For End - Term exams students get 15 - 20 days period to appear for online exam during pre -booked time slot. However, these exams are conducted under proctored environment and students must have web cam facility while appearing for exams.

What happens if I am unable to appear for my exam at the scheduled time or if I fail an exam?

In both instances, you can reappear from the exam by filling up the relevant form online and paying re-examination fees of Rs.750 per subject.

How are certificates awarded?

The Advance Diploma in Business Administration is awarded in the form of a soft copy on successful completion of the 1st year. The PGDM (Specialization) – Hybrid certification which mentions Distance Learning as the mode of delivery will be couriered to you as a hard copy on successful completion of the 2nd year. Both year's certificates will be awarded only after successful clearing exams, viva and submission of all projects.
Program Impact

What is Hybrid PGDM?

A Post Graduate Diploma in Management through Hybrid learning, it is two year management program for freshers and experienced working professionals. As the name suggests, the program blends the features of traditional classroom learning with the convenience of online learning to deliver high-impact results.

How will the Hybrid PGDM program help me in my career goals as opposed to regular management programs?

WeSchool’s Hybrid PGDM is designed to help you achieve your academic and career goals without disrupting personal and professional life. You can study at your own pace, in your own space - home or office, morning, noon or night, at an affordable cost. You can also put your learning into immediate action within your work environment. In fact, 90% students find a direct correlation between the program and career growth opportunities.

Is the program affiliated to a university?

The Hybrid 2 Year PGDM is an autonomous program offered by Welingkar Institute of Management. It is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

By completing this program, can a student get additional credit points for Immigration / overseas study ?

It is an autonomous program of the institute and there is no tie up with any international agencies / universities for any credit points required for immigration or any other purpose.

Am I eligible for a Ph.D. program after completing the Distance Learning PGDM-HB program?

No, the Distance Learning Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM-HB) program is designed to provide you an opportunity to enhance your skills and qualifications without interrupting your professional life so that you can advance in your career within your current organization or pursue new opportunities. However, to apply for a Ph.D. program, you need to have a Master’s Degree Certificate.

Can I cccess my student dashboard through mobile app ?

Yes . you can acess your student dashboard through our official mobile application-Welingkaronline

From where can I install "Welingkaronline" mobile app ?

Welingkar online is avaliable for Android via Google play ,and for IOS via the App Store.

Do you facilitate placements?

As a student, you will have access to specialization-wise job vacancies on our website under the ‘Placement Opportunities’ section from the day of your admission. Since a large number of students take up this program, and the student base is widely spread across the country and internationally, it is not feasible for us to directly facilitate placements. However, the Welingkar brand equity and the Hybrid PGDM education quality ensure faster career growth and better job opportunities*.
*425 students found a direct correlation between the program and growth opportunities from June 2021 to March 2023 internal survey.
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