Hybrid Learning
Advantage of Hybrid Learning

WeSchool offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)in the hybrid learning mode.

Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool) is an autonomous institute and all hybrid learning programs offered by it are autonomous in nature and have been accredited by erstwhile Distance Education Council (DEC), a body of the Central Govt. of India.

We at WeSchool continue to deliver quality education, while providing distance learners with the flexibility they need. WeSchool’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) can be availed in the Hybrid Learning mode, which operates on a unique hybrid structure combining effective online and offline study formats to help people learn conveniently.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~ Chinese Proverb

New technologies have made Hybrid Learning an increasingly popular option for institutions and students alike. Hybrid Programs are tailored just for you to enjoy ‘Continuous Learning’ while at Home, Work or Play.

The main advantages of Hybrid Learning are:

  • Convenience and flexibility of taking courses and examinations
  • Opportunity for educational advancement on your own schedule and at your own pace
  • Advance your educational and career goals
  • No disruption to your professional life
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge from your course in your profession

Boost Your Career with Hybrid Learning

Due to geographical barriers and the high cost factor, students from smaller towns often find it difficult to attend a conventional MBA program. Hybrid program from WeSchool actively collapses the boundaries of distance and cost and helps you fulfill your academic ambitions.

Hybrid Programs at WeSchool is a valuable yet easy way to acquire knowledge as it enhances the academic qualification by allowing you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of ‘Continuous Learning’ with our distinguished faculties and several online and offline modes of learning. Frequent communication from the institute on various topics adds tremendous value to your professional life and learning experience.

Hybrid Learning for Gainfully Employed Professionals

The Hybrid Programs at WeSchool are structured to give in-depth knowledge to the professionals on management subjects. Study materials such as PPT, text books, video lectures and regular updates of programs and exams help students to learn as per their preference.

Experiential Learning, Virtual Classroom Facility, Personal Contact Programs session give you the delight of actual learning in college while not having to disrupt your professional commitments.

Hybrid Learning for Women

Hybrid Learning can provide a great career advantage for women who aspire to make a mark in the corporate world. Women who are poised to become micro-entrepreneurs receive adequate application-oriented course content that will help them in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. Moreover, women with restricted movements due to family commitments can acquire invaluable professional learning through WeSchool’s Hybrid Programs.

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