Six Months Diploma in Banking
Examination Proceeding and Examination Center Details

Examination Pattern: 2 Modules of 3 months durations each

Examination Process: online

Examination Weightage: 100 marks for each subject at the end of each trimester

Examination Format: All exams are application oriented and have objective type question papers

Examination Time:

Trimester 1
Last week of March- January Batch

Last week of June- April Batch

Last week of September- July Batch

Last week of September- October Batch

Trimester 2
Last week of June- January Batch

Last week of September- April Batch

Last week of December- July Batch

Last week of March- October Batch

Examination Centres

For these exams, students are required to appear from the testing centres selected by the Institute. These centres are located in major metro cities/towns as well as few suburbs in Mumbai. Further information about the centres can be obtained from the "Notices" section of the website. Students have to book their examination slots in advance from our website during the stipulated time period.
Award of Certificates

On successful completion of 1st Trimester: Diploma in Retail Banking (Hybrid Learning)

On successful completion of 2nd Trimester: Diploma in Banking (Hybrid Learning)

Note : Depending upon the student concentration and availability of locations, the Institute reserves the right to add or change exam/PCP centres

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