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WeSchool’s Hybrid Programs

Video Description: WeSchool is the only institute, which gives different colors to a hybrid program with its virtual class room, online sessions, personal contact programs and innovative learning tools.

WeSchool offers a 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) as a Hybrid Program (HB). The PGDM-HB course in Distance Learning mode is structured by professionals and industry experts based on the market and industry demands and is delivered through various effective online and offline teaching methodologies.

This distance learning MBA program helps students to enhance their domain knowledge and gain expertise through in-depth theoretical learning. Students are exposed to professional, functional and soft skills training to meet with the high-level corporate demands effectively, efficiently and confidently.

WeSchool's Hybrid Teaching Module

WeSchool’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) as a Hybrid Program (HB) offers the best of teaching and learning experience to students through a unique hybrid structure. While on one hand, the program adopts modern teaching techniques through Distance Learning mode, to help students learn continuously and conveniently, from anyplace and at anytime, it doesn’t undermine the traditional teaching system, where students get to meet and interact with their peers, to understand the nuances and value of gaining knowledge in person. To make the process of learning more engaging and interactive, WeSchool continuously endeavors to add value to the program, leveraging on its unique hybrid structure.

The hybrid model comprises of various educational modes and formats of teaching and learning that enable students to learn comfortably and conveniently. As a part of the Hybrid Program HB, students are provided study material in different online and offline formats to suit their preferences. The power of social media is optimally utilized to spread the motto of ‘Continuous Learning’. WeLearn is WeSchool HB’s social media property offering general management information and specific course detail to its followers and fans round-the-clock.

Mentioned below are a few initiatives, which form WeSchool’s Hybrid Program to deliver education in the best possible manner:

Online lectures by distinguished faculties on WeSchool PGDM-HB’s course content. View Demo...

Virtual Classroom Facility:
Online interaction with professors, sharing document /content and participating in Live Q & A sessions. View Demo...

E-Learning Toolkit:
The kit contains course content summary, PowerPoint presentations and sample question papers to help students understand the course in totality. View Demo...

Experiential Learning Programs:
On-ground learning opportunities through physical and strategic team-building and endurance activities to enhance soft skills, practical understanding and decision making abilities. View Demo...

Online library for the working professionals. An archive of content on general management studies in video format. View Demo...

Personal Contact Programs:
An on-ground activity conducted at regular intervals to promote peer interaction and answer queries related to the curriculum in person. More...

Industry Visits & weMould (Workshops):
Guided in-premise tour of various national and global industries/ companies to enhance practical understanding. View Demo...

Newswire Services:
Students can find news about the latest developments in their chosen areas of specialization. View Demo...

While providing full-fledged virtual facilities to students, the value of traditional learning tools is not undermined. Since this program is in Distance Learning mode, to ensure seamless flow of information to those comfortable using offline modes of learning, course text books and other course related printed materials are sent to all the students at the beginning of each semester/ course.

This all encompassing hybrid model ensures practice of the best teaching processes to deliver a holistic and fulfilling learning experience.

Also, WeSchool PGDM-HB has recently introduced a new feature, WeLounge. Here professionals are either formally interviewed or invited to casual chat sessions, to share their experiences, talk about ups and downs in their professional life, their inspiration, motivation, goals and much more. Through these videos, students get a peek into the success stories of renowned and successful corporate professionals to get sufficiently motivated and focused to reach their goals.

WeSchool’s HB has nurtured many success stories across industries. The acclaimed programs have helped transform many passionate individuals into highflying professionals. Many of the alumni have built successful careers and proceeded to become leaders in their chosen fields.

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