WeSchool is committed to produce outstanding managers with broad based knowledge, analytical ability, team experience and critical interpersonal skills necessary to meet the management challenges faced in the ever-competitive, corporate world. weStars are the esteemed alumni, who have performed significantly and commendably in their professional field. Hear our weStars speak about their experiences and the benefits of pursuing a PGDM-HB course at WeSchool and the knowledge gained to excel in their professional fields.


                          Mrs. REKHA PANPATIL.
                              ( HPGD/JA15/2302 )

I am glad and thankful to be a part of We-school, the course is excellently supported with IT, fast Feedback and We care process. very good for working professionals. Specially for person like me never thought of completing a management program sitting at my home. I am once again thankful to my faculties, we team and my welingkar friends for the sucesssful completion of this program. Excellent events and workshops conducted by welingkars would definetly explore my skills and way of thinking. Very simple and excellent study material provided was easy to understand and grasp up, these study material would be a valuable life time gift for us from Welingkars. Thanks I feel very proud of being a part of Welingkar Institute of Management Research & Development.

                         Mrs. FATIMA TANWAR.
                              ( HPGD/JL14/1022 )

I am very happy with the institution which gave me this opportunity to complete my pg program without having to actually attend the college and lectures. It is a boon for today's youth and even the older generation who aspire to study without much strain along with doing their job. Such programmes help people to improve their skills which is required to perform better in their jobs and to help them get promotion and satisfaction out of their jobs.

                          Mrs. CHETALI BHATNAGAR.
                              ( HPGD/AP14/1207 )

During my complete tenure, I was very happy to be a part of Welingkar Family. The study material is very good & all the data available on the website in student login is excellent. I have always receive very good response & support from the institute. My decision was very good to complete my MBA from Welingkar.

                                    Mr. UMESH AWATE .
                                       ( DPGD/OC13/0703 )

Syllabus for two year PGDM course is as good as doing it from top B-school. Exam pattern is so good which helps continuous learning and testing your knowledge. Interactive session and project like We-Like gives immense knowledge and keeps you with the pace of new development in your specialization. It has render me good management skills and knowledge of management techniques.

                         Mr. DINESH G.POOJARY .
                              ( HPGD/AP14/0602 )

I feel very proud of being a part of Welingkar Institute of Management , The Two years PGDM -HB Programmes was extremely well organized & it is very useful for the working professional in current scenario. I have completed PGDM-HB without disturbing my present job and inputs of study material, project works & PPT were added a great value in my profession. Thank you Welingkar Institute of Management Research& Development.

                              Mr. UZAIR KAZI .
                                   ( HPGD/JA14/0698 )

Welingkar institute is the best, has helped me alot and made studies easier even though I was working. Support services were on time. Each and every information in student login was up to the mark. Every thing was properly placed. And most importantly Welingkar institute of management didn't made studies a burden on me.

                          Mr. HARESHCHANDRA VYAS
                              ( DPGD/JL13/1211 )

I am truly grateful to Welingkar Institute of Management to achieve the higher education on diploma plus experience basis. It was my dream to get PGDM from reputed institute & I'm lucky to get chance to do it thru Welingkar Institute. Online study materials & books has helped me a lot. Thanks to your team who informed me about the course which I wanted to do but could not approach as I was working throughout. As I'm working in training & people development field in MNC, I wish to do dual specialization in HR as well. Thanks a lot to every one who supported me. Best Regards, Haresh

                         Mr. VENUGOPAL MALLEM.
                              ( HPGD/JA15/0331 )

It was really feeling like as if we are in a regular class room & professors were so cooperative to put their entire effort to resolve the doubts being faced by the students. At last the institute provided lot of study material, physical & online where it cover's for entire course subjects as well additional latest management skills. I am really happy to complete my course from Welingkar's

                          Mr.KRISHNADHAR KOTIKALAPUDI
                              ( DPGD/OC13/1075 )

The two year study in the Welingkar Institute has made an wonder in my total performance in the job which I was doing. The projects in the three semesters provoked my confidence levels after successful completion. Thanks to all the lectures and the management for supporting me to get through PGDM certificate.

                         Mrs.ANURADHA CHASKAR
                               ( HPGD/OC14/0497 )

My journey in welingkar hybrid course in operations management was was very nice. I really appreciate for providing people like us (company employee) with hybrid course, so flexible, uptodate, with all study material, PCP, online lectures, books, MQC etcetc that helped us throughout our learning journey. we never had any concern throughout the course. Wecarestaff were always available & satisfied all the querries we had time to time. i enjoyed Online exams. Once we go through books that was sufficient for online exams. VIVA, Project ISR gave us opportunity to prove our self, present our self, build confidence & recognition. Moment of pride !!!!! I thank Welingkar Institute for such a beautifuly designed course.

                          Mr. DATTATRAY HORAMBE
                              ( HPGD/OC14/1921 )

It was a great life changing experience with Welinkar Institute. The college has an ample number of quality resources and provides a number of opportunities which students could capitalize to enhance their experiences and knowledge. Some of the faculties are really outstanding and their quality of teaching is remarkable. Before 2 years back I hesitated to interact with people and share knowledge. But with this PGDM course i am very confident to share my knowledge and present myself in positive manner . Over all It was nice 2 years journey and it will be helpful to boost our career towards our targeted goals. I am very thankful to all faculty members who gave us valuable inputs which is to be useful for our bright future.

                          Mr. SACHIN TIWADE
                              ( HPGD/JL14/3286 )

All credit goes to welingkar for designing a Hybrid program especially for working professionals like me,studying along with work was quite manageable with help of video lectures & easy to understand study material was absolute advantage. Also, Those projects made me aware of the my social responsibility as well as was able to understand deeply about ongoing projects in my firm.Thank you so much Welingkar for the precious knowledge which you given to me.

                          Mr. YOGESH JADHAV
                              ( HPGD/JL14/2334 )

I decided to pursue an PGDBM in order to progress my career in this challenging economic environment. My current role is middle management in Gunnebo India - security and safety products manufacturing company (Swedish MNC). As a mid-level manager i wanted to enhance my skills and contribute knowledge, direction to support leadership team in my organisation, all these key skills enhanced after completion of PG. Our organisation has recently undergone a restructuring of which I was a part of, where I worked as a member of strategic teams which I enjoyed and wanted to understand more about. The program from Wellingkar' s College gave me the opportunity to understand how the different functions operate and the skills I require to progress my carer within the organisation. Wellingkar' s offer a distance learning option which allowed me to continue working full time. There is a serious commitment needed to do an PG and the support of your company and family is required as most of your evenings and weekends are spent studying, reading or writing notes. I found the course fulfilling with excellent lecturers who challenge teach and support you throughout your course (Online). I am finding challenging and influencing ways of working from a broader perspective. The PG program offers affordable MBA qualification to students without compromising on the key attributes that makes MBA doing an worthwhile.

                         Mr. SHIVASHARANAPPA GADAL
                                  ( HPGD/JL14/3893 )

Overall it is very good experience learning while earning/working, I got very good knowledge about the management, Most of we lectures and we tube helped me a lot in getting clear information about management. This course is not only helpful in professional life but it is also very beneficial in our personnel life.

                          Ms. JISHA ACHARYA
                              ( HPGD/JL14/1385 )

The pgdm....course of 2years has added one level up in my educational qualification..... Moreover..... The course is designed in such a manner even working individuals can manage their work as well as studies hand in hand...... The workshops which is been conducted on time to time basis is Very motivational and encouraging factor as a whole.....The virtual class room helps a lot.... as v don't feel as if we have enrolled for an distance education programme....... The project work..... which we got both years is remarkable..... as it helps to get indebt knowledge..... on whatever topic we choose I personally feel this course has enhanced my managerial skills, analytical skills,bussiness ethics and also help to strengthen my personality and confidence....... Am proud to say..... I have completed my PGDM-Finance From Welingkar -We school.

                          Mrs. RUPALI WALAVALKAR.
                               ( HPGD/AP14/0739 )

I am Content & highly impressed with the quality,guidance,assistance from DLP- team who are euqually guided us like degree (MBA) student of college. Excellent,Excellent!!!! Also very happy that -like me one of friend also joined PGDM-HB program in Finance for 2 yrs. (APR-16 batch) who travelled with me in train everyday. It gives immense pleasure is sumone inspire from us, credit goes to whole HB team who were there for us whenever we needed them.

                               Mrs. ANUPAMA MISHRA.
                                   ( HPGD/JA14/0835 )

It was great to be a part of PGDM Course...I started after a gap of 8 years....Thanks to all the faculties at Welingkar to provide such a convinient courses for working professionals...It was a good experience and i am getting the exposure of the same in my present profile...Thank You to the Team at Welingkars....

                        Mr. SAMPURNANAND INAMDAR .
                                  ( DPGD/JL13/1720 )

It was plesure experiences throughout my management course, professionally It was great learning experience for me, even in my busiest work load and schedules and meetings, I could able to attend my studies and exams eventually got my management diploma. Thanks to welingkar institute's management course design..it's just great opportunity for all thoes who want carrier advancement or know how about art of management, while working with fully focused on the job.

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