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This is 2 years, PG Diploma program offered in the hybrid mode.

While Hybrid Learning is the next level of distance learning, the Welingkar Institute of Management is one of the few institutions to offer this 2-year, PG Diploma program in the hybrid mode in following 18 different specialization.

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2 years

This 2-year PG Diploma program, offered in the hybrid mode, has a well-structured curriculum which is at par with the Hybrid Learning MBA offered by leading Universities.

While the program is of 2-year duration, the additional one year is given to students to submit/clear all pending exams/project reports.

The methodology at the campus, although in distance learning format, is designed to ensure that the participant emerges as a unique individual who can deliver an accelerated performance at the work place as a true leader in the chosen niche.


Our methodology provides a hybrid model that combines distance learning with personal contact and experiential learning.

Learning doesn't come just from books; it comes by keenly observing places, people and by internalizing certain unique experiences.

Since we appreciate this maxim to the fullest, our Online Program, provides students plenty of on-ground learning opportunities that is ably delivered through our unique Experiential Learning Methodologies.

It not just enables you to learn the concepts but it also strengthens your skills through individual and group activities so as to help you in strategic thinking, leadership and team work. Our expert faculty helps you realize your true potential and reach for the stars. More...

It's a perennial desire for the human kind to lead a life that's full of success prosperity and happiness. But, while treading the corporate path we realize that the journey to the top is often ridden with challenges and situations that are difficult and demanding. The result: our mind succumbs to the roadblocks and we feel powerless. That's when we start looking for power and inspiration outside our own minds.

But the real power to transform resides right within us and Mind Magic sessions at our campus aims at unlocking the mind power and empowering students to unshackle their weaknesses and unleash their true potential. Being a part of the curriculum at HB, it's conducted by a renowned trainer Rajendra Kulkarni. More...

Learning by doing is the motto that business simulation workshops aim to achieve. We provide you with real-life scenarios and ask you to come up with solutions. This type of learning enhances your application skills. More...

If you want to truly understand how business functions then you need to move beyond lectures and books. And that's what we try to do at We School. We take you to an industrial visit so that you come face to face with internal working environment and acclimatize yourself with the various aspects of business. It also gives you the practical aspects of the course which cannot be disseminated through study materials. More...

Movies have always been a strong reflection of the society. Movies have changes trends and inspired generations. To unlock the power of cinema in enlightening you, we have movie sessions where you can thoroughly discuss, debate and analyze the lessons in management education. More...

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