Hybrid mode of Education is gaining wider acceptance due to the convenience and flexibility it offers to participating students. It is a mode of education designed for professionals or for a housewife, who aspires to pursue business studies but doesn't have the facility or time to attend regular classes. It is quite understandable for a person to have numerous queries regarding the effectiveness of this study method. Some of the most frequently asked questions by the aspirants are mentioned in this section.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management through hybrid learning, as the name suggests, are programs offered through blended learning. Hybrid Learning is a blend of interactive class room using web-assisted learning tools and face-to-face interaction such as live face-to-face workshops.
Welingakar's PGDM-HB helps to advance educational and career goals without disruption of personal and professional life. You can study at your own pace, in your own space - home or office, morning, noon or night at an affordable cost. You can also put your learning into immediate action within your work environment.
There will be 4 batches each year. Batches will commence in January, April, July and October month.
1. Graduates from any recognized University.
2. If a student has completed his graduation from an international university the university should be approved by AIU/UGC/ICNOU or by any other international associations like EQUIS,AACSB or AMBA.
3.There is no ENTRANCE EXAM.
The prospectus can be purchased from the Institute. Cost Rs. 1000/- in person by cash or Rs. 1050/- by post through demand draft drawn in favour of "Welingkar Institute of Management" payable at Mumbai. The application form is available on the website. Students have to fill the application form online, print out the filled-in application form and submit it to the institute along with relevant documents and course fees. Students who have not purchased the prospectus beforehand have to pay Rs.500/- additionally over and above the course fees.
Attested photocopies of the degree certificate.
The program is of a 2-years duration. The maximum duration for completing the program is 3 years. In case, any subject or project report is left out, the student needs to pay Re-Registration Fees of Rs.8000/- to get extention of one more year.
The first two semesters are generic and will be common for all specializations. In the second year, one can choose from among the eighteen different specializations offered viz. Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, General Management, Retail Management, E-Business, International Business, Banking Investment and Insurance, Services Excellence, Rural and Agri Business, Media and Advertising, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare Management, Hospitality Management,E-Commerce and IT Projects Management.
On securing admission, the student is given study material for the 1st year consisting of books and a welcome Kit. Study Material for few subjects are provided only in the form of E-Books. Simultaneously, the students are activated on the system so that they can check up various notices put up on the website and can access various web-based facilities offered to them like e-learning toolkit,e-books,we-lecdure,Online Video library(we tube,we lounge),Newswire services,Video Dictionary etc. with immediate effect.
Once the fees are paid, the course materials will be sent within a maximum period of 7 days

In addition to printed study material, students get following major web - based support for their study:

E-Learning Toolkit : The E - Learning toolkit contains Summary, PPT as well as skill builder modules for every chapter of each subject. This facility is available free of cost to the students. The students are advised to make optimum use of the same.

We Lectures: The Institute is having competent team of faculties with vast industry & academic experience who are the main source of course curriculum & design. As supplementary to the course material, video lectures on various subjects of syllabus are uploaded for better understanding of the curriculum with help of these facilities.

E-Book : The E - Book contains chapter wise exhaustive reading material in PDF format. Students can download these E-Books at any time and refer to it as per their convenience. At present, E-Books are available for few subjects.

WeTube:In addition to the academic content in the form of books, E-Learning tool kit, We Lectures etc, the students benefit by referring additional video lectures on latest topics related to various specialization areas like Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Soft Skill Development etc. The topics covered in We Tube are from practical field.

Video Dictionary: To further help the student understand concepts-clearly, and enhance his knowledge, Video Dictionary is made available. From this link, by typing any word/phrase, the student connects to numerous video lectures from "You Tube" and other online sources. These links are related to various topics of different subjects.

Audio Books : Audio books are recorded lectures of various subjects. Students can download these lectures and access anytime, anywhere.

If the student can devote 2-3 hours per day, he should be able to complete the course in 2 years. This is, however, an average time and can vary depending on the student's ability and other commitments.

Your Institute has a robust system in place to provide all the information well in advance. Further, it offers a number of innovative learning instruments. Following are details of the same:

(a) "Notices " section in the website:- This section provides all the time tables, exams guidelines and lot more information.

(b) " StudyKit and Learning Aid in the website :- This section contains various learning tools like "We Lectures", " E- Learning toolkit", " We Tube " ," E-Book "," Audio-Book "," We-Lounge "," Video Dictionary "etc.

( c ) Program Orientation Test :- When a students logs in for the 1 st time on the website he is required to go through a video clip as well as a quiz which provides him exhaustive information about the entire program. It is strongly recommended to go through the video clip as well as quiz to get the best out of the program.

The student receives first year books at the time of admission. In addition to this, the student can attend Virtual Classroom for some of the subjects, the time-table of which is given in Welcome kit & also in "Notices Section" on the website. The Personal Contact Program (PCP) is available to the students twice per semester where major concepts are explained in the classroom environment. The E-Learning Toolkit, We Lectures, We Tube,E-Book and other web based supports are activated immediately on completion of admission procedure.The students are evaluated at regular intervals through online exams every semester. All exams are computer-based, application-oriented and comprises of an objective-type question paper.

Students have a variety of project work in their 2nd and 4th Semester. Following are the details of the same:

a) Choice Based Credit Subject (CBCS) + Project WeLike - This is 100 marks compulsory subject in 2nd semester. This is an innovative subject where learning of management concepts takes place through video based teaching methodology and not through any books. Students have freedom to refer any online content from "CBCS","We Tube", "We Lounge" and "Newswire Services". Students are required to prepare presentation on the same and appear for viva.

b) Project work related to specialization- This is a compulsory 200 marks subject in the 4th semester. Students are given 15-20 topics related to their specialization. They have to select any one topic and prepare a project report as well as appear for the viva.

Welingkar holds Virtual Classroom sessions in which our Professor delivers a live lecture from the campus studio and students can listen to this by logging on to the Internet from their residence.

To attend the VCF lecture, students need to have a computer at home and must have a broadband connection of minimum 256 Kbps. The login id for VCF is created only for those students who have confirmed that they have a 256 Kbps broadband connection at home while filling their application form.

Lectures will be conducted 2 days each week. Each live lecture will be of 2 1/2 hours duration. There will be 40 hours of live lecture per semester.

Currently, 8 subjects from the 1st year will be covered through Virtual Classroom facility.

Yes. The first year of the program has a Personal Contact Program. PCP lectures are optional. The fees for PCP's have to be paid at the time of admission (Rs.3600/- For all subjects). In case the student desire to join letter, the fees will be Rs.400/- per subject.

PCP's will be held four times a year in Mumbai. All students are encouraged to attend the same in order to have classroom interaction and gain practical knowledge.

The Personal Contact Programs will last for about 6 days each semester. During this period, a minimum of 7 hours will be devoted to each subject.

The institute libaray or infracture in not available for Hybrid program students as the program is mainly non-campus based.However , a number of web-based library facilities are available which can be accessed bt students from very first moment of joining the program and the same can be accessed from anywhere . There is online WeTube,WeLounge,Newswire as well as Video-Dictionary for students.

Exams are scheduled four times a year. The exam timetable is put up on our website under the section 'Notices - PGDM-HB'.The same is also avaliable in the 'Welcome Kit' provided along with study material.

All exams are conducted through online mode. Detailed information about online exam centres can be obtained from the office. The Institute reserves the right to add or change exam/PCP centres.

Student can appear for his End Semester exams even if he is travelling overseas. He needs to submit his passport copy with visa copy and a letter from the employer on company's letter head confirming his deputation outside the country during the End Semester exams.

The student has to pay an Overseas exam fee of Rs.1000/- per subject with the above mentioned documents. The institute shall make arrangements after due verification of documents.

Both mid-term and end semester exams are out of 50 marks. Mid-term exams carry 20% weightage and end semester carry 80% weightage. To clear a subject, a student has to get 50% marks, which is a sum of the weightage marks obtained in mid -term and end semester exams.

Once a student fails in any subject,he/she has to appear for a re-exam in that particular subject by filling up the re-exam form & paying re-exam fees.student has to re-appear both for the mid-term and end semester exam in that re-exam subject.The re-exam form has to be filled online from once the result are published .The re-exam form link appears below the results screen only .

Please refer to the prospectus and our websites for the various payment plans.

The Following certificates will be issued on stage-wise completion of the program.

1.On successful completion of the 1st year,you will be awarded the Advance Diploma in Business Administration (only in soft copy).

2.On successful completion of the 2nd year , you will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Specialization)- Hybrid Learning (PGDM-Specialization Hybrid ) mode of delivery:-ODL/Distance (Hard copy will courrier).
it is necessary to clear all the subjects od 1styear as well as 2nd year along with all project work and viva to secure Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Specialization) - Hybrid program certificate.

You can choose to specialize in any additional specializations, subject to the following conditions:

The course fee will be Rs.5000/- less than the 1st year fees applicable to the batch in which the student joins.

Program duration will be relaxed by a further period of one year. Thus students can complete the dual specialization within 4 years.

You need to complete one specialization before you can join the additional one.

This is an Autonomous program of Welingkar Institute of Management.

Since a large number of students take up this program, and the student base is widely spread across the country and internationally, as well, it is not feasible to offer placements to all the students. However, Welingkar is a highly respected brand and has a good reputation in the industry. This would ensure that students doing the PGDM-HB would be able to progress faster in their respective careers as compared to their peers. Also there is an online "Placement Opportunity" link, available on the website: where students can obtain specialization-wise vacancy information from the very first day of joining the program.

As mere theoretical knowledge is not sufficient and so to supplement the theoretical part of the curriculum with hands on experience and to develop the overall personality, the institute holds a number of soft skill development workshops on weekends at Mumbai campus.

Welingkar Institute continuously endeavors to add value to the program. Mentioned below are a few such initiatives, which can be attended by students as per their convenience by payment of additional nominal fees. Every event /workshop also carries bonus marks.

a) Industry visit : is considered an important method of teaching. During the course duration, we take our students for a few industrial visits. We take a group of students for a guided tour onto the premises of various industries, providing them information about the background of the companies and their current position in the global business scenario.

b) Spiritual Visit : In today's demanding life style where expectations are greater than achievement, we suffer from, what is called as "Stress". It is necessary to learn to manage stress and improve self performance. The institute has designed a unique stress management activity, wherein a combination of yoga and other stress relieving processes are conducted which can be practiced on a regular basis by the students.

c) Movie Learning Session : It is a known fact that, when we are engaged with the content through a medium we love, we learn better and retain more. With this objective, inspirational movies are screened on Saturday evenings and debriefing sessions are conducted after movie for collaborative learning.

d) Experiential Learning Workshop :During this workshop, games are used for personal development and to Improve selfesteem of the learner. The activities during the workshop are designed to guide through the process of identifying areas of weakness and applying the solutions significantly and positively to impact their performance back on their job.

This is an optional workshop and students participating in this program will be marked out of 20 based on their performance. Student can participate in these workshop at additional nominal cost.

e) Weekend Workshops : For holistic development of our students the institute regularly holds many additional workshops, on weekends at WeSchool, like Sales Management, The DPSA Profiling, etc. Students can attend these workshops at additional nominal fees.

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