Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Healthcare Management) (PGDM - HCM - HB)

Across globe, there is a rising need for professional health care managers. Executives having Health care management specialization are playing key leadership roles in large corporate hospitals starting their career as professional healthcare managers and ending as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

While Doctors are busy handling health related issues, business functions of a hospital cannot wait. Hence, vital administrative functions of hospitals like Quality Control, HR, Finance, Sourcing, Marketing etc. are being managed by professional healthcare managers .

The healthcare sector in India is poised to grow at rapid rate because of emerging 2tier and 3tier cities, rising disposable incomes, increased incidence of life-style diseases like heart attacks, kidney diseases etc. , addition of new hospitals, deeper penetration of super specialty health care, greater coverage of insurance facilities, increasing medical tourism etc. The growth has triggered the demand for qualified manpower offering enhanced career opportunities for professionally qualified health care managers.

This program is ideal for Medical / Para Medical professionals like Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacologists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Lab technicians, Bio technologists etc. , who are not very keen to pursue clinical / Lab work but are interested in taking up leadership roles in Health Care Management and Administration.


Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Code Semester I
391 Principles of Management
2 Financial Accounting
406 Fundamentals Of Communication & Interview Preparation  **
260 Human Resource Management
68 Marketing Management
6 Managerial Economics
Code Semester II
408 Strategic management
66 Cost Accounting
403 The Integrative Manager
404 Innovation Management
407 Mastering The Interview & Networking Skills  **
338 Project We- Like

 ** Available in E-book format only.

The student needs to clear at least 8 papers from the 1st year before proceeding to the 2nd year. However students can complete their academic requirements at their own pace during the validity registration.


Code Semester III
370 Essentials of Healthcare Administration
371 Planning & Designing of Healthcare Facilities
372 Hospital Operation
398 Customer Centric Organization ** 
374 Quality Management in Healthcare
339 Project - ISR
Code Semester IV
414 Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare
376 HR in Hospitals  ** 
377 Material Management & Equipment Management
378 Legal Aspects in Healthcare
346 Project

 ** Available in E-book format only.

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