Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Media and Advertising) (PGDM - MA - HB)

An Advertising and Media program from Welingkar’s in Mumbai, India, covers the central principles of advertising and enables students to gain a wide gamut of knowledge, practical abilities and creative skills across a wide range of advertising practices and media forms.

The Distance Learning program is so devised to prepare students not only in the managerial aspects of media and advertising business but it also lays due emphasis on marketing and brand management of various media products and associated services. Due attention has been paid to structure fundamental core management concepts and principles in the course ware.

This program will expose students to different facets of advertising like complain planning and management, media planning while equipping them with the approach and tactics in planning and co-ordination of various events.

A course in Media Management or in Advertising and Media will equip aspirants seeking a career in this field to forge ahead.


Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Code Semester I
391 Principles of Management
2 Financial Accounting
406 Fundamentals Of Communication & Interview Preparation  **
260 Human Resource Management
68 Marketing Management
6 Managerial Economics
Code Semester II
408 Strategic management
66 Cost Accounting
403 The Integrative Manager
404 Innovation Management
407 Mastering The Interview & Networking Skills  **
338 Project We- Like

 ** Available in E-book format only.

The student needs to clear at least 8 papers from the 1st year before proceeding to the 2nd year. However students can complete their academic requirements at their own pace during the validity registration.


Code Semester III
394 Marketing Research  ** 
426 Advertising and sales promotion
482 Rural marketing
258 Internet marketing
355 Advertising A/c planning
339 Project - ISR
Code Semester IV
427 Product / Brand management
356 Social media marketing  ** 
357 Media Planning and Buying
358 PR and Corporate Communication
346 Project

 ** Available in E-book format only.

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