Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Operations Management) (PGDM - OM – DLP)

The Post Graduation Diploma in Operations Management module covers some of the contemporary challenges faced within the corporate arena. Accordingly, production planning and control, project management and world-class manufacturing are among the many critical concepts covered in this module.

This Post Graduation Diploma, seeks to provide students the knowledge base relating to this operating core, to help them become domestically and internationally competitive in building robust processes and systems within an Organization.

Made available through the Hybrid Learning mode, this module is highly recommended for managers working in the operations department of large multinational and Indian conglomerates.

This module is based on research and synthesis of best practices from around the world, made available through Welingkar’s Hybrid Learning Divisions in Mumbai, India


Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Code Semester I
391 Principles of Management
2 Financial Accounting
406 Fundamentals Of Communication & Interview Preparation  **
260 Human Resource Management
68 Marketing Management
6 Managerial Economics
Code Semester II
408 Strategic management
66 Cost Accounting
403 The Integrative Manager
404 Innovation Management
407 Mastering The Interview & Networking Skills  **
338 Project We- Like

 ** Available in E-book format only.

The student needs to clear at least 8 papers from the 1st year before proceeding to the 2nd year. However students can complete their academic requirements at their own pace during the validity registration.


Code Semester III
399 World Class Manufacturing
400 Project Management
114 Production Planning & Control
331 Total Quality Management  ** 
431 Production & Operations Management
339 Project- ISR
Code Semester IV
332 Radical Business Performance Improvement
475 Global Supply Chain Management & Outsourced Manufacturing
398 Customer Centric Organization  ** 
337 Six Sigma
164 Project

 ** Available in E-book format only.

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