Welcome Note for Distance Learning Sunday Batch Student August, 2015 -

(One year Diploma / Six months diploma / Eleven months programs)

         Welcome Letter

         Structure of the programs     

         Examination Details


Sunday batch - Lecture Schedule (Kindly check the updated schedule on Saturday, 13th June after 4.00 p.m)

         January, 2015 One year Diploma Programs 14th June, 2015

         January, 2015 Six Months Diploma Programs 14th June, 2015

         August, 2014 One year Diploma programs 14th June, 2015 & 21st June, 2015


June/July, 2015 examination (All Batches)

         Online test booking 17th June, 2015 to 2nd July, 2015

         Online Examination 4th July, 2015 to 23rd July, 2015

         Online Results 24th August, 2015


Re-Examination details for December, 2015 examination

Apply for Re-Examination 17th August, 2015 to 5th October, 2015


December, 2015/January, 2016 examination (All Batches)

         Online test booking 27th Dec, 2015 to 12th Jan, 2016

         Online Examination 16th Jan, 2016 to 2nd Feb, 2016

         Online Results 2nd March, 2016


Re-Examination details for June/July, 2016 examination (for Repeaters except Jan 14 batch)

          Apply for Re-Examination 15th February, 2016 to 28th March, 2016


List of Holidays - January to December, 2015

 Important Information for Students :-


         Display of students ID-Card is compulsory for entry inside the college

         Students must be in class room 5 minutes before start of lecture. Late comers will not be permitted to attend.

         Students must visit our website every day after 4 pm to know the updated time table.

         Students must regularly visit the website to know the dates of online exam slot booking / exam schedule.

         Where necessary, students should correspondence with the institute on email id

         In urgent / important circumstances, students should obtain information through tel no. 022 - 24198600


Guidelines for Online test Booking of Examination  

Yearly planning for 2015 - (One year & Six months Jan.15, Aug.14 & Repeaters)

Yearly plan 2015 January, 2015 SA 1 year

Yearly plan 2015 January, 2015 SA 6 Months

Yearly plan 2015 August, 2014 SA 1 year

Yearly plan 2015 Repeaters SA (except Aug. 14 & Jan. 15 batch)


Points to remember

         In order to complete the syllabus there may be lectures on Saturdays 6pm to 9pm or on Bank Holidays 9am to 6pm and 6:30pm to 9pm on Sundays.