Welcome Note for Distance Learning Sunday Batch Student - January, 2014 -

(One year Diploma / Six months diploma / Eleven months programs)

         Welcome Letter

         Structure of the programs     

         Examination Details


Sunday batch - Lecture Schedule (Kindly check the updated schedule on Saturday, 31st May after 4.00 p.m)

         January, 2014 - One year   -  1st June, 2014

         January, 2014 - Six Months  -  1st June, 2014

         August, 2013 -  One year    - 1st June, 2014



June/July, 2014 examination (All Batches)

         Online test booking 16th June, 2014 to 30th June, 2014

         Online Examination 3rd July, 2014 to 23rd July, 2014

         Online Results 23rd August, 2014

Re-Examination details for December, 2014 examination (for Repeaters except Jan 14 batch)

          Apply for Re-Examination 14th August, 2014 to 4th October,


December, 2014/January, 2015 examination (All Batches)

         Online test booking 27th Dec, 2014 to 12th Jan, 2015

         Online Examination 15th Jan, 2015 to 2nd Feb, 2015

         Online Results 1st March, 2015

Re-Examination details for May/June, 2015 examination

          Apply for Re-Examination 201417th February, 2014 to 15th April, 2014


List of Holidays - January to December, 2014

 Important Information for Students :-


         Display of students ID-Card is compulsory for entry inside the college

         Students must be in class room 5 minutes before start of lecture. Late comers will not be permitted to attend.

         Students must visit our website every day after 4 pm to know the updated time table.

         Students must regularly visit the website to know the dates of online exam slot booking / exam schedule.

         Where necessary, students should correspondence with the institute on email id

         In urgent / important circumstances, students should obtain information through tel no. 022 - 24198600


Guidelines for Online test Booking of Examination  

Yearly planning for 2014 - (One year & Six months Jan.14, Aug.13 & Repeaters)

Yearly plan 2014 January, 2014 SA 1 year

Yearly plan 2014 January, 2014 SA 6 Months

Yearly plan 2014 August, 2013 SA 1 year

Yearly plan 2014 Repeaters SA (except Aug. 13 & Jan. 14 batch)


Points to remember

         In order to complete the syllabus there may be lectures on Saturdays 6pm to 9pm or on Bank Holidays 9am to 6pm and 6:30pm to 9pm on Sundays.